Katie Davis

Hi! I'm Katie, the girl behind Thistle + Ore. My jewelry spans from limited edition series to one-of-a-kind pieces. I use vintage elements in my work as well as one off stones. One of my favorite parts and most time consuming steps in my process is sourcing my materials. This is usually the first question I am asked about my jewelry. Iā€™m always out in the wild looking for inspiration and unique pieces that I can use in my work. 


I was born and raised in the Gateway to the West - St. Louis, Missouri. I earned a BFA from Webster University with an emphasis in Alternative Media. I was incorporating sculpture, installations, photography, printmaking, textiles, and ceramics in my studio work. Outside of university life I designed clothing, jewelry while curating fashion shows and pop ups.

When I moved to Dallas a few years back, It was a game changer for me and gave me real clarity on what I needed to be doing creatively. I started to heavily pursue making and designing jewelry.